Bulletin 3 / 2005 July iko poran !

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Bulletin 3 / 2005




- We keep growing a lot in Rio de Janeiro and this August, in partnership with Solar de Santa, we will open our second house to accommodate up to 17 volunteers in Santa Teresa neighborhood. We will then have the capacity to lodge up to 37 volunteer at a time;



- Still about our growth in Rio de Janeiro, we formatted new programs with the following organizations:


Ballet de Santa Teresa:



CEDAPS (Centro de Promoção de Saúde)



CEMINA - REDEH (Rede de Desenvolvimento Humano)



Dança pra Galera.com



O Nosso Papel






SAMP (Sociedade de Amigos do Morro dos Prazeres)



- We are also expanding to other areas within Brazil and this October we will start operating group programs in partnership with the Projeto Saúde e Alegria (Health and Happiness Project).  In March of 2006 we will also start our operations in Salvador (Bahia state) with the following organizations: Projeto Axé, Circo Picolino, Fundação OndAzul - BA, Grupo Acupe, Grupo Cultural Arte Consciente, Bahia Street, A Mulherada and Associação Educativa Cultural Didá;



- The English volunteer Bronwyn Parcell built the website of the partner organization Dança pra Galera.com and taught the youth from the institution to update its content and design. See the work at:





- Happy with the impact of their work and with the experience that they had on our programs, Bronwyn Parcell, from England, and Calvin Chiang, from Australia, have now become Iko Poran Ambassador in their countries as well. They will help to promote our activities and provide a point of reference for any prospective volunteers and/or partners.



- Through the link below you may access pictures and testimonies from the Community Tour that we did with the Turner Travel Group to the Projeto Final Feliz (Happy Ending Project) in Anchieta (Rio de Janeiro):




- The Programa Cyber Volunteers is already recruiting volunteers to work in the tele-centers and community radios of the partner organization CEMINA through the partnership that we established with ICVolunteers.  Read the annoucement formatted by our volunteer Dipak Natali (United Kingdom) at:




- Through the link below you may download the guide "Brazil for Travelers - Brasil para Viajantes" edited by Instituto de Hospitalidade and Brazil’s Ministry of Tourism in the scope of the "Sustainable Tourism Certification Program" (we are on page 16):







We appreciate your support and interest contributing  


in the construction of a fair and equal society for all






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