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June 2007

nuts_dem 4132/tcp NUTS Daemon

nuts_dem 4132/udp NUTS Daemon

nuts_bootp 4133/tcp NUTS Bootp Server

nuts_bootp 4133/udp NUTS Bootp Server

# Martin Freiss

nifty-hmi 4134/tcp NIFTY-Serve HMI protocol

nifty-hmi 4134/udp NIFTY-Serve HMI protocol

# Ryuichi Suzuki

cl-db-attach 4135/tcp Classic Line Database Server Attach

cl-db-attach 4135/udp Classic Line Database Server Attach

cl-db-request 4136/tcp Classic Line Database Server Request

cl-db-request 4136/udp Classic Line Database Server Request

cl-db-remote 4137/tcp Classic Line Database Server Remote

cl-db-remote 4137/udp Classic Line Database Server Remote

# Arno Kirmeir January 2007

nettest 4138/tcp nettest

nettest 4138/udp nettest

# David Borman March 2003

thrtx 4139/tcp Imperfect Networks Server

thrtx 4139/udp Imperfect Networks Server

# Dinkar Chivaluri February 2006

cedros_fds 4140/tcp Cedros Fraud Detection System

cedros_fds 4140/udp Cedros Fraud Detection System

# Markus Michels October 2006

oirtgsvc 4141/tcp Workflow Server

oirtgsvc 4141/udp Workflow Server

oidocsvc 4142/tcp Document Server

oidocsvc 4142/udp Document Server

oidsr 4143/tcp Document Replication

oidsr 4143/udp Document Replication

# Norman Brie

########## Compuserve (unoffically) is using port 4144 #########

# 4144 Unassigned

vvr-control 4145/tcp VVR Control

vvr-control 4145/udp VVR Control

# Ming Xu

tgcconnect 4146/tcp TGCConnect Beacon

tgcconnect 4146/udp TGCConnect Beacon

# Brian Becker October 2006

vrxpservman 4147/tcp Multum Service Manager

vrxpservman 4147/udp Multum Service Manager

# Scott Mager October 2006

hhb-handheld 4148/tcp HHB Handheld Client

hhb-handheld 4148/udp HHB Handheld Client

# Steven G. Loughner March 2007

agslb 4149/tcp A10 GSLB Service

agslb 4149/udp A10 GSLB Service

# John Chiong 02 July 2007

PowerAlert-nsa 4150/tcp PowerAlert Network Shutdown Agent

PowerAlert-nsa 4150/udp PowerAlert Network Shutdown Agent

# Mike Delgrosso 02 July 2007

menandmice_noh 4151/tcp Men & Mice Remote Control

menandmice_noh 4151/udp Men & Mice Remote Control

# Eggert Thorlacius 30 August 2007

idig_mux 4152/tcp iDigTech Multiplex

idig_mux 4152/udp iDigTech Multiplex

# Robin Findley May 2007

mbl-battd 4153/tcp MBL Remote Battery Monitoring

mbl-battd 4153/udp MBL Remote Battery Monitoring

# Claudio Procida May 2007

atlinks 4154/tcp atlinks device discovery

atlinks 4154/udp atlinks device discovery

# Scott Griepentrog October 2002

bzr 4155/tcp Bazaar version control system

bzr 4155/udp Bazaar version control system

# Martin Pool February 2007

stat-results 4156/tcp STAT Results

stat-results 4156/udp STAT Results

stat-scanner 4157/tcp STAT Scanner Control

stat-scanner 4157/udp STAT Scanner Control

stat-cc 4158/tcp STAT Command Center

stat-cc 4158/udp STAT Command Center

# Darwin Ammala March 2007

nss 4159/tcp Network Security Service

nss 4159/udp Network Security Service

# Dave Wierbowski August 2006

jini-discovery 4160/tcp Jini Discovery

jini-discovery 4160/udp Jini Discovery

# Mark Hodapp

omscontact 4161/tcp OMS Contact

omscontact 4161/udp OMS Contact

omstopology 4162/tcp OMS Topology

omstopology 4162/udp OMS Topology

# David Page August 2005

silverpeakpeer 4163/tcp Silver Peak Peer Protocol

silverpeakpeer 4163/udp Silver Peak Peer Protocol

# Damon Ennis March 2007

silverpeakcomm 4164/tcp Silver Peak Communication Protocol

silverpeakcomm 4164/udp Silver Peak Communication Protocol

# Damon Ennis March 2007

altcp 4165/tcp ArcLink over Ethernet

altcp 4165/udp ArcLink over Ethernet

# Dmitry Brant March 2007

joost 4166/tcp Joost Peer to Peer Protocol

joost 4166/udp Joost Peer to Peer Protocol

# Colm MacCarthaigh April 2007

ddgn 4167/tcp DeskDirect Global Network

ddgn 4167/udp DeskDirect Global Network

# Laurie Charlwood 22 August 2007

pslicser 4168/tcp PrintSoft License Server

pslicser 4168/udp PrintSoft License Server

# David Weisgerber 27 September 2007

iadt 4169/tcp Automation Drive Interface Transport

# Paul Suhler
15 February 2008

iadt-disc 4169/udp Internet ADT Discovery Protocol

# Paul A. Suhler
06 February 2009

d-cinema-csp 4170/tcp SMPTE Content Synchonization Protocol

# Michael Karagosian 04 September 2008

# 4170/udp Reserved

# 4171-4176 Unassigned

wello 4177/tcp Wello P2P pubsub service

wello 4177/udp Wello P2P pubsub service

# Christian Westbrook 15 November 2007

storman 4178/tcp StorMan

storman 4178/udp StorMan

# Previous contact: Werner Guertler February 2007

# Current contact: Werner Guertler 11 May 2009

MaxumSP 4179/tcp Maxum Services

MaxumSP 4179/udp Maxum Services

# Greg Stine 05 July 2007

httpx 4180/tcp HTTPX

httpx 4180/udp HTTPX

# Paul McGough

February 2007

macbak 4181/tcp MacBak

macbak 4181/udp MacBak

# Wes Peters April 2007

pcptcpservice 4182/tcp Production Company Pro TCP Service

pcptcpservice 4182/udp Production Company Pro TCP Service

# Ben McNeill May 2007

gmmp 4183/tcp General Metaverse Messaging Protocol

gmmp 4183/udp General Metaverse Messaging Protocol

# Gareth Nelson June 2007

universe_suite 4184/tcp UNIVERSE SUITE MESSAGE SERVICE

universe_suite 4184/udp UNIVERSE SUITE MESSAGE SERVICE

# Gary ANDREWS 07 January 2008

wcpp 4185/tcp Woven Control Plane Protocol

wcpp 4185/udp Woven Control Plane Protocol

# Christopher LILJENSTOLPE 14 April 2008

boxbackupstore 4186/tcp Box Backup Store Service

# Chris Wilson 11 September 2008

# 4186/udp Reserved

csc_proxy 4187/tcp Cascade Proxy

# Matt Craighead 11 September 2008

# 4187/udp Reserved

vatata 4188/tcp Vatata Peer to Peer Protocol

vatata 4188/udp Vatata Peer to Peer Protocol

# Song Jian 15 September 2008

pcep 4189/tcp Path Computation Element Communication Protocol

# 4189/udp Reserved

# [RFC5440]

sieve 4190/tcp ManageSieve Protocol

# 4190/udp Reserved

# [RFC-ietf-sieve-managesieve-09.txt]

# 4191/tcp Reserved

dsmipv6 4191/udp Dual Stack MIPv6 NAT Traversal

# [RFC5555]

# 4192-4198 Unassigned

eims-admin 4199/tcp EIMS ADMIN

eims-admin 4199/udp EIMS ADMIN

# Glenn Anderson

vrml-multi-use 4200-4299 VRML Multi User Systems

# Mitra

corelccam 4300/tcp Corel CCam

corelccam 4300/udp Corel CCam

# Jason Aiken

d-data 4301/tcp Diagnostic Data

d-data 4301/udp Diagnostic Data

d-data-control 4302/tcp Diagnostic Data Control

d-data-control 4302/udp Diagnostic Data Control

# Jon March September 2006

srcp 4303/tcp Simple Railroad Command Protocol

srcp 4303/udp Simple Railroad Command Protocol

# Matthias Trute January 2007

owserver 4304/tcp One-Wire Filesystem Server

owserver 4304/udp One-Wire Filesystem Server

# Paul Alfille

January 2007

batman 4305/tcp better approach to mobile ad-hoc networking

batman 4305/udp better approach to mobile ad-hoc networking

# Simon Wunderlich 30 August 2007

pinghgl 4306/tcp Hellgate London

pinghgl 4306/udp Hellgate London

# David Berk 30 August 2007

visicron-vs 4307/tcp Visicron Videoconference Service

visicron-vs 4307/udp Visicron Videoconference Service

# Alexey Vlaskin 22 October 2007

compx-lockview 4308/tcp CompX-LockView

compx-lockview 4308/udp CompX-LockView

# John Payson 22 October 2007

dserver 4309/tcp Exsequi Appliance Discovery

dserver 4309/udp Exsequi Appliance Discovery

# Angelo Masci January 2007

mirrtex 4310/tcp Mir-RT exchange service

mirrtex 4310/udp Mir-RT exchange service

# Sylvain Robert 14 February 2008

# 4311-4319 Unassigned

fdt-rcatp 4320/tcp FDT Remote Categorization Protocol

fdt-rcatp 4320/udp FDT Remote Categorization Protocol

# Russell P. Holsclaw, Fast Data Technology, Inc. March 2006

rwhois 4321/tcp Remote Who Is

rwhois 4321/udp Remote Who Is

# Mark Kosters

# [RFC2167]

trim-event 4322/tcp TRIM Event Service

trim-event 4322/udp TRIM Event Service

trim-ice 4323/tcp TRIM ICE Service

trim-ice 4323/udp TRIM ICE Service

# Siva Poobalasingam February 2007

balour 4324/tcp Balour Game Server

balour 4324/udp Balour Game Server

# Konstantin Schauwecker

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