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22 September 2008

# 5579/udp Unassigned

tmosms0 5580/tcp T-Mobile SMS Protocol Message 0

tmosms0 5580/udp T-Mobile SMS Protocol Message 0

tmosms1 5581/tcp T-Mobile SMS Protocol Message 1

tmosms1 5581/udp T-Mobile SMS Protocol Message 1

# Ezinne Oji June 2006

fac-restore 5582/tcp T-Mobile SMS Protocol Message 3

fac-restore 5582/udp T-Mobile SMS Protocol Message 3

# Jessica Yan 19 February 2008

tmo-icon-sync 5583/tcp T-Mobile SMS Protocol Message 2

tmo-icon-sync 5583/udp T-Mobile SMS Protocol Message 2

# Donghwan Lim 22 January 2008

bis-web 5584/tcp BeInSync-Web

bis-web 5584/udp BeInSync-Web

bis-sync 5585/tcp BeInSync-sync

bis-sync 5585/udp BeInSync-sync

# Adi Ruppin August 2005

# 5586-5596 Unassigned

ininmessaging 5597/tcp inin secure messaging

ininmessaging 5597/udp inin secure messaging

# Mike Gagle May 2006

mctfeed 5598/tcp MCT Market Data Feed

mctfeed 5598/udp MCT Market Data Feed

# Stephane Touizer May 2006

esinstall 5599/tcp Enterprise Security Remote Install

esinstall 5599/udp Enterprise Security Remote Install

esmmanager 5600/tcp Enterprise Security Manager

esmmanager 5600/udp Enterprise Security Manager

esmagent 5601/tcp Enterprise Security Agent

esmagent 5601/udp Enterprise Security Agent

# Kimberly Gibbs

a1-msc 5602/tcp A1-MSC

a1-msc 5602/udp A1-MSC

a1-bs 5603/tcp A1-BS

a1-bs 5603/udp A1-BS

a3-sdunode 5604/tcp A3-SDUNode

a3-sdunode 5604/udp A3-SDUNode

a4-sdunode 5605/tcp A4-SDUNode

a4-sdunode 5605/udp A4-SDUNode

# Mike Dolan

# 5606-5626 Unassigned

ninaf 5627/tcp Node Initiated Network Association Forma

ninaf 5627/udp Node Initiated Network Association Forma

# Thomas Scholl March 2006

htrust 5628/tcp HTrust API

htrust 5628/udp HTrust API

# Karl Olafsson 24 October 2008

symantec-sfdb 5629/tcp Symantec Storage Foundation for Database

symantec-sfdb 5629/udp Symantec Storage Foundation for Database

# Quang Thoi November 2006

precise-comm 5630/tcp PreciseCommunication

precise-comm 5630/udp PreciseCommunication

# Alon Tamir April 2006

pcanywheredata 5631/tcp pcANYWHEREdata

pcanywheredata 5631/udp pcANYWHEREdata

pcanywherestat 5632/tcp pcANYWHEREstat

pcanywherestat 5632/udp pcANYWHEREstat

# Jon Rosarky

beorl 5633/tcp BE Operations Request Listener

beorl 5633/udp BE Operations Request Listener

# chirag desai February 2006

xprtld 5634/tcp SF Message Service

xprtld 5634/udp SF Message Service

# VR Satish 16 August 2007

sfmsso 5635/tcp SFM Authentication Subsystem

# De-Chih Chien 15 September 2008

# 5635/udp Reserved

sfm-db-server 5636/tcp SFMdb - SFM DB server

# De-Chih Chien 06 October 2008

# 5636/udp Reserved

# 5637-5670 Unassigned

amqps 5671/tcp amqp protocol over TLS/SSL

amqps 5671/udp amqp protocol over TLS/SSL

# Ted Ross 26 March 2008

amqp 5672/tcp AMQP

amqp 5672/udp AMQP

# Pieter Hintjens
January 2006

amqp 5672/sctp AMQP

# Martin Sustrik March 2007

jms 5673/tcp JACL Message Server

jms 5673/udp JACL Message Server

# Stuart Allen February 2002

hyperscsi-port 5674/tcp HyperSCSI Port

hyperscsi-port 5674/udp HyperSCSI Port

# Data Storage Institute, Singapore

February 2002

v5ua 5675/tcp V5UA application port

v5ua 5675/udp V5UA application port

v5ua 5675/sctp V5UA application port

# RFC3807 June 2004

raadmin 5676/tcp RA Administration

raadmin 5676/udp RA Administration

# Sergei Zjaikin February 2002

questdb2-lnchr 5677/tcp Quest Central DB2 Launchr

questdb2-lnchr 5677/udp Quest Central DB2 Launchr

# Robert M. Mackowiak February 2002

rrac 5678/tcp Remote Replication Agent Connection

rrac 5678/udp Remote Replication Agent Connection

dccm 5679/tcp Direct Cable Connect Manager

dccm 5679/udp Direct Cable Connect Manager

# Mark Miller

auriga-router 5680/tcp Auriga Router Service

auriga-router 5680/udp Auriga Router Service

# Vincent Gaudeul February 2006

ncxcp 5681/tcp Net-coneX Control Protocol

ncxcp 5681/udp Net-coneX Control Protocol

# Ryan Werber June 2006

# 5682-5687 Unassigned

ggz 5688/tcp GGZ Gaming Zone

ggz 5688/udp GGZ Gaming Zone

# Josef Spillner January 2003

qmvideo 5689/tcp QM video network management protocol

qmvideo 5689/udp QM video network management protocol

# Jamie Lokier May 2006

# 5690-5712 Unassigned

proshareaudio 5713/tcp proshare conf audio

proshareaudio 5713/udp proshare conf audio

prosharevideo 5714/tcp proshare conf video

prosharevideo 5714/udp proshare conf video

prosharedata 5715/tcp proshare conf data

prosharedata 5715/udp proshare conf data

prosharerequest 5716/tcp proshare conf request

prosharerequest 5716/udp proshare conf request

prosharenotify 5717/tcp proshare conf notify

prosharenotify 5717/udp proshare conf notify


dpm 5718/tcp DPM Communication Server

dpm 5718/udp DPM Communication Server

dpm-agent 5719/tcp DPM Agent Coordinator

dpm-agent 5719/udp DPM Agent Coordinator

# Sundar Srinivasan Vinay Badami May 2006

ms-licensing 5720/tcp MS-Licensing

ms-licensing 5720/udp MS-Licensing

# Thomas Lindeman November 2002

dtpt 5721/tcp Desktop Passthru Service

dtpt 5721/udp Desktop Passthru Service

# Dan Leising January 2005

msdfsr 5722/tcp Microsoft DFS Replication Service

msdfsr 5722/udp Microsoft DFS Replication Service

# Guhan Suriyanarayanan March 2006

omhs 5723/tcp Operations Manager - Health Service

omhs 5723/udp Operations Manager - Health Service

omsdk 5724/tcp Operations Manager - SDK Service

omsdk 5724/udp Operations Manager - SDK Service

# Gerardo Dilillo August 2006

ms-ilm 5725/tcp Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager

# 5725/udp Reserved

# Rob Ward 02 May 2008

ms-ilm-sts 5726/tcp Microsoft Lifecycle Manager Secure Token Service

# 5726/udp Reserved

# Rob Ward 02 May 2008

asgenf 5727/tcp ASG Event Notification Framework

# Arman Bedonian 15 July 2009

# 5727/udp Reserved

# 5728-5728 Unassigned

openmail 5729/tcp Openmail User Agent Layer

openmail 5729/udp Openmail User Agent Layer

# OpenMail Encyclopedia

# Don Loughry

unieng 5730/tcp Steltor's calendar access

unieng 5730/udp Steltor's calendar access

# Bernard Desruisseaux

# 5731-5740 Unassigned

ida-discover1 5741/tcp IDA Discover Port 1

ida-discover1 5741/udp IDA Discover Port 1

ida-discover2 5742/tcp IDA Discover Port 2

ida-discover2 5742/udp IDA Discover Port 2

# MPITech Support

watchdoc-pod 5743/tcp Watchdoc NetPOD Protocol

watchdoc-pod 5743/udp Watchdoc NetPOD Protocol

# Christophe Chevalier August 2005

watchdoc 5744/tcp Watchdoc Server

watchdoc 5744/udp Watchdoc Server

# Christophe Chevalier November 2004

fcopy-server 5745/tcp fcopy-server

fcopy-server 5745/udp fcopy-server

fcopys-server 5746/tcp fcopys-server

fcopys-server 5746/udp fcopys-server

# Moshe Leibovitch

tunatic 5747/tcp Wildbits Tunatic

tunatic 5747/udp Wildbits Tunatic

tunalyzer 5748/tcp Wildbits Tunalyzer

tunalyzer 5748/udp Wildbits Tunalyzer

# Sylvain Demongeot August 2005

# 5749 Unassigned

rscd 5750/tcp Bladelogic Agent Service

rscd 5750/udp Bladelogic Agent Service

# Previous contact: Brian Trevor 07 January 2008

# Current contact: Brian Trevor 24 October 2008

# 5751-5754 Unassigned

openmailg 5755/tcp OpenMail Desk Gateway server

openmailg 5755/udp OpenMail Desk Gateway server

x500ms 5757/tcp OpenMail X.500 Directory Server

x500ms 5757/udp OpenMail X.500 Directory Server

openmailns 5766/tcp OpenMail NewMail Server

openmailns 5766/udp OpenMail NewMail Server

s-openmail 5767/tcp OpenMail Suer Agent Layer (Secure)

s-openmail 5767/udp OpenMail Suer Agent Layer (Secure)

openmailpxy 5768/tcp OpenMail CMTS Server

openmailpxy 5768/udp OpenMail CMTS Server

# OpenMail Encyclopedia

# Don Loughry

spramsca 5769/tcp x509solutions Internal CA

spramsca 5769/udp x509solutions Internal CA

spramsd 5770/tcp x509solutions Secure Data

spramsd 5770/udp x509solutions Secure Data

# Brendan Fay February 2006

netagent 5771/tcp NetAgent

netagent 5771/udp NetAgent

# Bradley Birnbaum

# 5772-5776 Unassigned

dali-port 5777/tcp DALI Port

dali-port 5777/udp DALI Port

# Wayne Morrow / Michael Melio / October 2003

# 5778-5780 Unassigned

3par-evts 5781/tcp 3PAR Event Reporting Service

3par-evts 5781/udp 3PAR Event Reporting Service

# Sushil Thomas 10 March 2008

3par-mgmt 5782/tcp 3PAR Management Service

3par-mgmt 5782/udp 3PAR Management Service

3par-mgmt-ssl 5783/tcp 3PAR Management Service with SSL

3par-mgmt-ssl 5783/udp 3PAR Management Service with SSL

# Don Marselle 19 March 2008

# 5784 Unassigned

3par-rcopy 5785/tcp 3PAR Inform Remote Copy

3par-rcopy 5785/udp 3PAR Inform Remote Copy

# Don Marselle 09 April 2008

# 5786-5792 Unassigned

xtreamx 5793/tcp XtreamX Supervised Peer message

xtreamx 5793/udp XtreamX Supervised Peer message

# Ahmad Tajuddin Samsudin February 2007

# 5794-5812 Unassigned

icmpd 5813/tcp ICMPD

icmpd 5813/udp ICMPD

# Shane O'Donnell

spt-automation 5814/tcp Support Automation

spt-automation 5814/udp Support Automation

# Joshua Hawkins November 2003

# 5815-5858 Unassigned

wherehoo 5859/tcp WHEREHOO

wherehoo 5859/udp WHEREHOO

# Jim Youll

# 5860-5862 Unassigned

ppsuitemsg 5863/tcp PlanetPress Suite Messeng

ppsuitemsg 5863/udp PlanetPress Suite Messeng

# Yannick Fortin February 2006

# 5864-5899 Unassigned

vnc-server 5900/tcp VNC Server

vnc-server 5900/udp VNC Server

# Tristan Richardson March 2006

# 5901-5909 Unassigned

cm 5910/tcp Context Management

cm 5910/udp Context Management

cpdlc 5911/tcp Controller Pilot Data Link Communication

cpdlc 5911/udp Controller Pilot Data Link Communication

fis 5912/tcp Flight Information Services

fis 5912/udp Flight Information Services

ads-c 5913/tcp Automatic Dependent Surveillance

ads-c 5913/udp Automatic Dependent Surveillance

# Eivan Cerasi 10 October 2008

# 5914-5962 Unassigned

indy 5963/tcp Indy Application Server

indy 5963/udp Indy Application Server

# Bjorn Lantz November 2004

# 5964-5967 Unassigned

mppolicy-v5 5968/tcp mppolicy-v5

mppolicy-v5 5968/udp mppolicy-v5

mppolicy-mgr 5969/tcp mppolicy-mgr

mppolicy-mgr 5969/udp mppolicy-mgr

# Yutaka Ono

# 5970-5983 Unassigned

couchdb 5984/tcp CouchDB

couchdb 5984/udp CouchDB

# Noah Slater 27 November 2007

wsman 5985/tcp WBEM WS-Management HTTP

wsman 5985/udp WBEM WS-Management HTTP

wsmans 5986/tcp WBEM WS-Management HTTP over TLS/SSL

wsmans 5986/udp WBEM WS-Management HTTP over TLS/SSL

# Jim Davis November 2006

wbem-rmi 5987/tcp WBEM RMI

wbem-rmi 5987/udp WBEM RMI

wbem-http 5988/tcp WBEM CIM-XML (HTTP)

wbem-http 5988/udp WBEM CIM-XML (HTTP)

# Jim Davis

wbem-https 5989/tcp WBEM CIM-XML (HTTPS)

wbem-https 5989/udp WBEM CIM-XML (HTTPS)

# Jim Davis

wbem-exp-https 5990/tcp WBEM Export HTTPS

wbem-exp-https 5990/udp WBEM Export HTTPS

# Denise Eckstein November 2004

nuxsl 5991/tcp NUXSL

nuxsl 5991/udp NUXSL

# Kai Kretschmann March 2002

consul-insight 5992/tcp Consul InSight Security

consul-insight 5992/udp Consul InSight Security

# Arthur Hillenaar January 2006

# 5993-5998 Unassigned

cvsup 5999/tcp CVSup

cvsup 5999/udp CVSup

# Randall Atkinson

x11 6000-6063/tcp X Window System

x11 6000-6063/udp X Window System

# Stephen Gildea

ndl-ahp-svc 6064/tcp NDL-AHP-SVC

ndl-ahp-svc 6064/udp NDL-AHP-SVC

# John Richmond

winpharaoh 6065/tcp WinPharaoh

winpharaoh 6065/udp WinPharaoh

# Basil Lee

ewctsp 6066/tcp EWCTSP

ewctsp 6066/udp EWCTSP

# Mark Bailon

# 6067 Unassigned (Removed on 2007-07-17)

gsmp 6068/tcp GSMP

gsmp 6068/udp GSMP

# Avri Doria

trip 6069/tcp TRIP

trip 6069/udp TRIP

# Hussein F. Salama

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