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August 2005

oma-rlp 7273/tcp OMA Roaming Location

oma-rlp 7273/udp OMA Roaming Location

oma-rlp-s 7274/tcp OMA Roaming Location SEC

oma-rlp-s 7274/udp OMA Roaming Location SEC

# Larry A. Young August 2005

oma-ulp 7275/tcp OMA UserPlane Location

oma-ulp 7275/udp OMA UserPlane Location

# Larry A. Young February 2006

oma-ilp 7276/tcp OMA Internal Location Protocol

oma-ilp 7276/udp OMA Internal Location Protocol

oma-ilp-s 7277/tcp OMA Internal Location Secure Protocol

oma-ilp-s 7277/udp OMA Internal Location Secure Protocol

# Khiem Tran 06 November 2007

oma-dcdocbs 7278/tcp OMA Dynamic Content Delivery over CBS

oma-dcdocbs 7278/udp OMA Dynamic Content Delivery over CBS

# Avi Primo 29 January 2008

ctxlic 7279/tcp Citrix Licensing

ctxlic 7279/udp Citrix Licensing

# Marc Binstock 29 January 2008

itactionserver1 7280/tcp ITACTIONSERVER 1

itactionserver1 7280/udp ITACTIONSERVER 1

itactionserver2 7281/tcp ITACTIONSERVER 2

itactionserver2 7281/udp ITACTIONSERVER 2

# Brian Taylor

mzca-action 7282/tcp eventACTION/ussACTION (MZCA) server

# Gord Tomlin 30 January 2009

# 7282/udp Reserved

# 7283-7299 Unassigned

swx 7300-7359 The Swiss Exchange

# Edgar Blum

# 7360-7364 Unassigned (Removed on 2006-2-06)

lcm-server 7365/tcp LifeKeeper Communications

lcm-server 7365/udp LifeKeeper Communications

# James Bottomley February 2006

# 7366-7390 Unassigned (Removed on 2006-2-06)

mindfilesys 7391/tcp mind-file system server

mindfilesys 7391/udp mind-file system server

mrssrendezvous 7392/tcp mrss-rendezvous server

mrssrendezvous 7392/udp mrss-rendezvous server

# Dave Porter

nfoldman 7393/tcp nFoldMan Remote Publish

nfoldman 7393/udp nFoldMan Remote Publish

# Richard McDonald January 2006

fse 7394/tcp File system export of backup images

fse 7394/udp File system export of backup images

# Weibao Wu April 2006

winqedit 7395/tcp winqedit

winqedit 7395/udp winqedit

# David Greer

# 7396 Unassigned

hexarc 7397/tcp Hexarc Command Language

hexarc 7397/udp Hexarc Command Language

# George Moromisato November 2004

# 7398-7399 Unassigned

rtps-discovery 7400/tcp RTPS Discovery

rtps-discovery 7400/udp RTPS Discovery

rtps-dd-ut 7401/tcp RTPS Data-Distribution User-Traffic

rtps-dd-ut 7401/udp RTPS Data-Distribution User-Traffic

rtps-dd-mt 7402/tcp RTPS Data-Distribution Meta-Traffic

rtps-dd-mt 7402/udp RTPS Data-Distribution Meta-Traffic

# Gerardo Pardo-Castellote October 2005

# 7403-7409 Unassigned

ionixnetmon 7410/tcp Ionix Network Monitor

ionixnetmon 7410/udp Ionix Network Monitor

# Maxime Deputter April 2006

# 7411-7420 Unassigned

mtportmon 7421/tcp Matisse Port Monitor

mtportmon 7421/udp Matisse Port Monitor

# Didier Cabannes November 2004

# 7422-7425 Unassigned

pmdmgr 7426/tcp OpenView DM Postmaster Manager

pmdmgr 7426/udp OpenView DM Postmaster Manager

oveadmgr 7427/tcp OpenView DM Event Agent Manager

oveadmgr 7427/udp OpenView DM Event Agent Manager

ovladmgr 7428/tcp OpenView DM Log Agent Manager

ovladmgr 7428/udp OpenView DM Log Agent Manager

opi-sock 7429/tcp OpenView DM rqt communication

opi-sock 7429/udp OpenView DM rqt communication

xmpv7 7430/tcp OpenView DM xmpv7 api pipe

xmpv7 7430/udp OpenView DM xmpv7 api pipe

pmd 7431/tcp OpenView DM ovc/xmpv3 api pipe

pmd 7431/udp OpenView DM ovc/xmpv3 api pipe

# Dave Lamb

faximum 7437/tcp Faximum

faximum 7437/udp Faximum

# George Pajari

# 7438-7442 Unassigned

oracleas-https 7443/tcp Oracle Application Server HTTPS

oracleas-https 7443/udp Oracle Application Server HTTPS

# David McMarlin August 2006

# 7444-7472 Unassigned

rise 7473/tcp Rise: The Vieneo Province

rise 7473/udp Rise: The Vieneo Province

# Jason Reskin March 2007

# 7474-7490 Unassigned

telops-lmd 7491/tcp telops-lmd

telops-lmd 7491/udp telops-lmd

# David Spencer

# 7492-7499 Unassigned

silhouette 7500/tcp Silhouette User

silhouette 7500/udp Silhouette User

# Anthony Payne February 2004

ovbus 7501/tcp HP OpenView Bus Daemon

ovbus 7501/udp HP OpenView Bus Daemon

# David M. Rhodes

# 7502-7509 Unassigned

ovhpas 7510/tcp HP OpenView Application Server

ovhpas 7510/udp HP OpenView Application Server

# Jeff Conrad

pafec-lm 7511/tcp pafec-lm

pafec-lm 7511/udp pafec-lm

# Billy Dhillon

# 7512-7541 Unassigned

saratoga 7542/tcp Saratoga Transfer Protocol

saratoga 7542/udp Saratoga Transfer Protocol

# Lloyd Wood May 2007

atul 7543/tcp atul server

atul 7543/udp atul server

# Mark Stapp January 2006

nta-ds 7544/tcp FlowAnalyzer DisplayServer

nta-ds 7544/udp FlowAnalyzer DisplayServer

nta-us 7545/tcp FlowAnalyzer UtilityServer

nta-us 7545/udp FlowAnalyzer UtilityServer

# Fred Messinger

cfs 7546/tcp Cisco Fabric service

cfs 7546/udp Cisco Fabric service

# Rituparna Agrawal September 2005

cwmp 7547/tcp DSL Forum CWMP

cwmp 7547/udp DSL Forum CWMP

# Anton Okmianski January 2006

tidp 7548/tcp Threat Information Distribution Protocol

tidp 7548/udp Threat Information Distribution Protocol

# Chui-Tin Yen February 2006

nls-tl 7549/tcp Network Layer Signaling Transport Layer

nls-tl 7549/udp Network Layer Signaling Transport Layer

# Melinda Shore May 2006

# 7550-7559 Unassigned

sncp 7560/tcp Sniffer Command Protocol

sncp 7560/udp Sniffer Command Protocol

# Dominick Cafarelli August 2005

# 7561-7565 Unassigned

vsi-omega 7566/tcp VSI Omega

vsi-omega 7566/udp VSI Omega

# Curtis Smith

# 7567-7569 Unassigned

aries-kfinder 7570/tcp Aries Kfinder

aries-kfinder 7570/udp Aries Kfinder

# James King, III

# 7571-7587 Unassigned

sun-lm 7588/tcp Sun License Manager

sun-lm 7588/udp Sun License Manager

# Sophie Deng

# 7589-7623 Unassigned

indi 7624/tcp Instrument Neutral Distributed Interface

indi 7624/udp Instrument Neutral Distributed Interface

# Elwood Downey April 2002

# 7625 Unassigned

simco 7626/tcp SImple Middlebox COnfiguration (SIMCO) Server

# RFC4540

# 7626/udp De-registered (30 January 2006)

simco 7626/sctp SImple Middlebox COnfiguration (SIMCO)

# Sebastian Kiesel January 2006

soap-http 7627/tcp SOAP Service Port

soap-http 7627/udp SOAP Service Port

# Donald Dylla December 2004

zen-pawn 7628/tcp Primary Agent Work Notification

zen-pawn 7628/udp Primary Agent Work Notification

# Ty Ellis May 2006

xdas 7629/tcp OpenXDAS Wire Protocol

xdas 7629/udp OpenXDAS Wire Protocol

# John Calcote October 2006

# 7630-7632 Unassigned

pmdfmgt 7633/tcp PMDF Management

pmdfmgt 7633/udp PMDF Management

# Hunter Goatley

# 7634-7647 Unassigned

cuseeme 7648/tcp bonjour-cuseeme

cuseeme 7648/udp bonjour-cuseeme

# Marc Manthey July 2006

# 7649-7671 Unassigned

imqstomp 7672/tcp iMQ STOMP Server

# Amy Kang 10 March 2009

# 7672/udp Reserved

imqstomps 7673/tcp iMQ STOMP Server over SSL

# Amy Kang 10 March 2009

# 7673/udp Reserved

imqtunnels 7674/tcp iMQ SSL tunnel

imqtunnels 7674/udp iMQ SSL tunnel

imqtunnel 7675/tcp iMQ Tunnel

imqtunnel 7675/udp iMQ Tunnel

# Shailesh S. Bavadekar April 2002

imqbrokerd 7676/tcp iMQ Broker Rendezvous

imqbrokerd 7676/udp iMQ Broker Rendezvous

# Joseph Di Pol April 2002

sun-user-https 7677/tcp Sun App Server - HTTPS

sun-user-https 7677/udp Sun App Server - HTTPS

# Abhijit Kumar November 2005

# 7678-7679 Unassigned

pando-pub 7680/tcp Pando Media Public Distribution

pando-pub 7680/udp Pando Media Public Distribution

# Laird Popkin 27 February 2008

# 7681-7688 Unassigned

collaber 7689/tcp Collaber Network Service

collaber 7689/udp Collaber Network Service

# Rajesh Akkineni January 2007

# 7690-7696 Unassigned

klio 7697/tcp KLIO communications

klio 7697/udp KLIO communications

# Helmut Giritzer

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